Ontario Commercial Sealants

Types of materials used:

-1 and 2 part polyurethanes.
-All types of silicones.
-Acrylic Latex.

Types of applications:

Exterior sealants applications: Building envelopes

-Finished stone: marble, granite or limestone
-Concrete Control and expansion joints
-Precast + masonry control and expansion joints
-Window and curtain wall perimeter
-Metal or aluminum panel systems
-Structural silicone for glazing

Interior sealants application:

-Tile joints.
-Finished stones: marble, granite or limestone.
-Washroom or finishing fixtures.
-Glass smoke baffles or railings.

Interior Fire and smoke seals:

-Head of walls: masonry blocks, concrete or drywall.
-Edge of slab to: curtain wall or precast.
-All thru wall penetrations of mechanical systems
-All floor penetrations of mechanical systems.

Note: Engineering judgment and assembly supplied.